Dodge Center residents working to connect people with local food and farms

DODGE CENTER, Minn. (FOX 47) — As more people search for local foods and beverages, more growers, producers and farms are trying to fill the need.

Sunday, the group “Dodge Refreshed” helped mediate that search by bringing in different foods and beverages, all from local sources, for a “farm-to-table” community dinner.

The Dodge Center based group says their focus is on helping people live healthy lifestyles.

Coop's Event Barn, Dodge Center.
“Farm-to-Table Community Dinner” taking place Sunday at Coop’s Event Barn in Dodge Center.

Some of the local sources on the menu included Fairview Farms in Altura, Omar’s Cafe in West Concord, Moenning’s Meats in Dodge Center and Salem Glen Winery.

“It’s really exciting! It’s really awesome to have community members who want to come together and support local producers and just really celebrate them and just kind of that eating local and promoting those small businesses. So it’s really exciting to have people come here and support them,” said Kaitlyn Smith, Dodge Refreshed Coalition Member.

A portion of the proceeds from Sunday’s event will go towards the North Park Project in Dodge Center, which is working to build an inclusive playground for kids of all abilities. “Dodge Refreshed” hopes to be able to put on this type of event every year.

Coop's Event Barn, Dodge Center
Holden Krusemark

Holden Krusemark

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