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DNR finds invasive carp in Minnesota waters

NEAR LAKE PEPIN, Minn. (FOX 47) – Monday brought beautiful weather – a perfect day to be outside, perhaps on the lake – but, there’s a growing concern about types of fish showing up in our waterways.

Bighead carp.
A bighead carp that was found at the Xcel Energy King Plant in Oak Park Heights, courtesy of Minnesota DNR.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources confirmed finding multiple species of invasive carp in southeastern Minnesota.

It’s pretty typical to find a few invasive carp in our waters coming off of spring, but it is unusual to find multiple species in a short time span.

In the past few weeks several silver carp specimens have been found in Lake Pepin and there was even one bighead carp specimen found up by Oak Park Heights. Both are typically found much further south. Boaters like John King, don’t see it as a worrisome issue just yet.

“No, we don’t have anything to worry about,” King said.

King says down in Missouri – you can’t go boating without a fence to block jumping Asian carp – a similar invasive species. DNR officials are working with federal and state partners to slow and prevent the land of 10,000 lakes getting to that point.

“The DNR is doing a pretty good job at keeping them out of here,” King said. “Its a mild concern, but its A boater on Lake Pepin.something in the future if we want to keep the lakes beautiful and the river beautiful we need to do something about the Asian carp and what they are doing is better than nothing.”

While invasive carp species continue to be a concern, the Minnesota DNR team says they have not found any evidence that the carp are reproducing here, which is good news.

The DNR does ask if you catch an invasive carp report it immediately, take a photo and take the fish to the nearest DNR fisheries office.

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