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Greene Lumber Company fire leaves buildings destroyed, melted siding on nearby home

GREENE, Iowa (KWWL) – A century old business burned to the ground in Greene, Iowa early Monday morning.

Officials say the blaze at Greene Lumber Company started around 3 a.m. Nobody was hurt, but three buildings are destroyed and two others have fire damage. The lumberyard is near Landus Cooperative and the railroad crossing on East Rowley and East Traer Streets.

Greene Fire Chief Neal Nordmeyer, said fire was so hot, it melted the siding of the house across the street, as well as, a business on the other side of the railroad tracks.

Firefighters sprayed hotspots for more than four hours.

There was a smaller fire at the same lumber yard exactly one week ago. The owners said that was an electrical fire. The cause of Monday’s inferno remains under investigation by the state fire marshal.


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