Longtime Rochester business owners reflect on nearly four decades

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) — Nearly four decades after opening, “Shoot N Save” sports in Rochester is

Shoot N Save, Rochester
“Shoot N Save” Owner, Bob Frerker, locking up the store after retiring.

officially closed and there are already plans for what to do with the building.

But the store owners are still reminiscing about the times they’ve had over the years and the customers they’ve served. Thirty-seven years and a lifetime of memories for Bob and Barb Frerker.

“This is where it all ends right here. We had a good thank you and that’s it,” said Shoot N Save Owner, Bob Frerker.

“Shoot N Save” sports is no more in Rochester and the Frerkers are officially retired, locking up what’s left of the store.

Shoot N Save, Rochester
Merchandise leftover at “Shoot N Save.”

“It’s surreal right now that you’re sort of done. I just drove in and it was empty and so it’s gonna be a little tough here for a little while,” Frerker said.

Bob and Barb’s store became the go to hockey place for athletes in Southeastern Minnesota, Northern Iowa, Western Wisconsin and beyond.

“The people that visited us, we took care of them. That was my main thing here, my mainstay. I don’t care if they happened to buy a $3.50 roll of tape or an $800 pair of skates. They all meant the same to us,” Frerker said.

Shoot N Save, Rochester
“Shoot N Save” Owner, Bob Frerker, cleaning out the store after retiring.

Creating an atmosphere all hockey lovers could enjoy.

“There’s nothing but good vibes from this place,” Frerker said.

Those good vibes continued over the years as Bob and Barb witnessed generations of young players grow and eventually pass on the love of the sport.

“It’s unbelievable, I’m just going ‘this is your boy or this is your daughter?’ Yeah, and they’re proud of it as can be and they happen to come back and ‘I know you’ll take care of me’ and yeah well lo and behold they’re out there skating right now and I think it’s great,” Frerker said.

Shoot N Save, Rochester

Making it just a little bit harder to let go.

“You know it was a magnet for 37 years, just Shoot N Save. The signs are gonna come down eventually, not in a hurry to do that, but yeah, eventually they’re gonna have to come down,” Frerker said.

As for what’s next, Bob says he’s working with a new brewing company called “Prime Stein” to lease out the building. He hopes youth leagues in Rochester can use the leftover gear.

Shoot N Save, Rochester
Holden Krusemark

Holden Krusemark

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