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TeenServe participants hard at work around Pine Island

NEAR PINE ISLAND, Minn. (FOX 47) – Members of a group called TeenServe are traveling from across the country to make a difference in local communities this week. Some are coming from as far away as Texas and North Carolina.

Teen Serve is a week long mission trip for middle and high school aged youth groups.

All this week, TeenServe is lending a hand to the elderly, people with disabilities, or those going through financial challenges in and around Pine Island. This particular group of students is painting a home, deck and various outbuildings for a woman battling breast cancer.

“She knew that the house needed to be painted and that was a project that we had set in stone for this summer,” said the homeowner’s sister, Alison Smith. “Being able to look out and see things look improved will help her emotionally and just really give her that opportunity to come home and be at peace, be content, and feel good about her surroundings.”

Throughout the week, the students make new friends, grow their faith, and learn the importance of helping others.

“Our purpose is to help spread the word of God to others and how we can do that while helping people,” said TeenServe participant Jaden Uttecht. “If we influence their lives, even in a little way, its going to help spread the word of God.”

“You find your life by losing it,” said TeenServe chaperone Brian King. “So in other words, you discover your purpose in life by giving yourself away for the sake of others.”

Many of the students say it doesn’t really even feel like work.

“The time that we do work is, it’s honestly just so fun and relaxing,” said TeenServe participant Kiah Wasson. “It’s just more fun for me knowing that I’m changing peoples lives and I’m doing something in the name of God while I’m working.”

Worship is another important part of TeenServe. Devotions are held daily both at the work site and back at the school in the evening.

The students pay about $425 to participate. That money is used to cover supplies and other costs.

Sarah Gannon

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