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Zumbrota residents voice concern over new townhome development

ZUMBROTA, Minn. (FOX 47) – Controversy in Zumbrota Thursday night, the big point of contention, plans for a new townhome development. Dozens of residents showed up at city hall, mostly against the plan.

Residents question city leaders at the Zumbrota City Council meeting.The Zumbrota city council approved an agreement with the Zumbrota Township to annex the land and bring the entire property under city jurisdiction, an important step for the development. More than 30 lots on about 10 acres of land.

Before the vote, city leaders heard from citizens concerned the Wobig Construction project will come with a slew of problems. One, is property values in nearby neighborhoods could go down. Another concern is the new development has already lead to the previously wooded land now clear-cut. Neighbors are concerned about water runoff with all that vegetation gone.

“This was a beautiful woodland, yes,” Zumbrota resident Bev Weness said. “And all of the people that I have Homes in the Trelstad Estates. talked to that back up to this beautiful woods thought it would stay woods. Because the terrain on here is not really conclusive to what they would think, the trees taken out and houses put in there.”

Despite next steps being taken, the project is not yet green-lit. Engineers will be involved once an official plan for the development is drafted and everything will need to meet city standards.

There are also plans for more public hearings for the project before construction could begin.

Beret Leone

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