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Rochester residents protest treatment of immigrants and refugees

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) – At the Lights for Liberty event in Mayo Park, people voiced their displeasure about the human detention centers on the US-Mexico border.

Specifically, the inhuman conditions and the separation of children from their families. The event began with speakers, many social justice activists in the community.

“No matter who you are you would hate to be ripped from the hands of your loved ones ” said social justice activist Salma Abdi.

“We were in the United States before it was the United States, before it was Mexico,” said Chicano poet Danny Solis.

The event continued with a candlelight vigil at the government center. They stood for 6 minutes to represent the number of children who have died in federal custody.

The event was part of 700 similar events happening worldwide.

Alex Tejada

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