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Rochester woman works to provide home cleaning to women with cancer

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) — Cancer devastates families across the world each and every day, but one Rochester woman is working to make those families lives a little easier.

Kathryn Knutsen runs her own cleaning business. She said she ended up stumbling upon the organization, “Cleaning for a Reason.”

The Texas-based group works to provide free home cleanings to women battling cancer, giving them the chance to catch a break at home.

When Knutsen came across the organization, she knew it was something she had to partner with, because of her personal connection with the disease.

“My dad had lymphoma and my mom used to take care of him all the time and they’d go to chemotherapy and stuff. So I’ve seen the strain that it has on families and I know that personally, and I just want to make people’s lives improved,” said Knutsen, Owner of Immaculate Home Cleaning.

Knutsen already has three patients signed up to receive cleanings and hopes she can take on a few more.

Her aspiration is to see more cleaning services in southeastern Minnesota get on board.

“Cleaning for a Reason” has served more than 35,000 women in the United States, with more than 1,200 partnered cleaning services.

Holden Krusemark

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