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“Freak accident” prompts driver to remind all about safe lawnmower use

NEAR ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – It’s annoying when it happens, but it happens often enough; something potentially damaging comes flying at your vehicle.

That’s what a Rochester man says happened when he was driving down Highway 13 near Waseca about a month ago. Dan Mathias passed someone mowing their lawn near the road, part of which had been dug up with rocks exposed.

“Sure enough, I heard him hit a rock and within a flash of a second I heard an explosion on my truck,” said Mathias. “And here the rock protruded, hit my mirror, pushed the mirror in, and glass shot into my face.”

Mathias was unhurt, but the impact shattered his mirror and scraped some paint off. A crack on the mirror housing remains.

“That close, to just inches from my face,” said Mathias, who’s calling it a freak accident. He also says it didn’t have to happen at all. It could have easily been prevented had the guard been down.

“I was more in shock,” said Mathias. “It wasn’t even being mad, it was just more shocked like ‘wow this happened.'”

Mathias talked to the homeowner about the incident, but says that person had a careless attitude and gave false insurance information. He dealt with that, but he also wants to get the word out about responsible lawnmower use.

“Be aware of what you’re mowing and where you’re mowing,” said Mathias. “When you mow towards the road, watch the debris that shoots out, and if you’re going to go over rocks or a new dug up construction like he was mowing over, just be aware.”

Most cities like Rochester do have an ordinance about shooting grass clippings into the road.

Mathias recommends taking pictures and filing a police report if this happens to you.

Sarah Gannon

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