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Oronoco gets state help switching from septic systems to municipal sewer system

ORONOCO, Minn. (FOX 47) – The town of Oronoco is shifting gears from septic systems to a municipal sewage system with the help of a hefty check.

“A year ago we were appropriated $2.5 million from the legislatures to proceed with the designs,” said the Mayor of Oronoco Ryland Eichhorst. “We decided that we would do a small regional plant between Oronoco and Oronoco mobile home community.”

The waste water treatment facility is a $38 million project.

The Minnesota Public Facilities Authority announced Wednesday, $20.8 million in loan and grant funding for water infrastructure projects in Oronoco.

The waste water treatment facility will not only benefit citizens, but also area business.

“Our engineering company did an assessment review of the septic systems in downtown Oronoco and about 75% of those were non-complaint,” said Eichhorst. “Some cases are very important because some people are pumping their sewage cause they have a small lots in downtown Oronoco some people have their older systems and they have to be upgraded.”

An upgrade that could have left community members with a big bill, “We determined it’d be closer to $80,000 that be assessed to each homeowner without any state money,” Eichhorst said.

That $80,000 assessment would have been for every resident no matter how much their homes are actually worth.

The mayor said it would not be feasible to consider a large project or financial burden, That’s why we are working actively towards minimizing the assessment to our citizens especially the older ones that are on lower fixed income which is very important to them,” Eichhorst said.

With the help of bonding money along with loans, grants and more money expected from the next legislative session, citizens are looking at paying roughly $5,000 over a 20 year period.

Ubah Ali

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