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St. Charles residents want farmers to know how much they’re appreciated

ST. CHARLES, Minn. (FOX 47) — “What’s on Wednesdays” (WOW) is an ongoing summer event in St. Charles, but Wednesday night’s activities came with a twist, using the night to say thank you to farmers.

There was a poster for people to sign, a cow themed bounce house, free cheese sticks and signs around explaining the farming process.

Several loads of farm equipment also on hand allowed kids a chance to climb around and explore the big machines.

Organizers say it was the least they could do to make farmers feel supported.

“It’s no secret that the dairy industry, the farming industry in general, is tough, it’s tough. Being a farmer is not easy at all and we just wanted to showcase them and tell them thank you. We see you, we see you out there working, lovin’ on your cattle and providing food for the world, really,” said Hillary Thompson, a member of “What’s on Wednesday’s.”

Thompson says this night means a little bit extra to her, because both her dad and brother are farmers.

She also added that WOW keeps growing and growing for each event and that they plan to bring it back again next summer.

Holden Krusemark

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