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August Jefferson Awards: Pam Eggler and Char Carey

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX47) – If you visit Rochester’s Paws and Claws Humane Society enough times, you’re bound to run into some all-star volunteers who give hundreds of animals a chance at a happy life.

Volunteers like Pam Eggler and Char Carey.

“I started out just walking dogs and then I was helping take them to adoption events.” Said Eggler.

“I was taking them out to other events. I would take them to the vet a lot of times so I’ll drop off a load of puppies in the morning to be fixed and then I pick them up after work.”

Eggler and Carey are August’s Jefferson Award recipients because of their years of loyalty, service, joy and compassion.

“I firmly believe that compassion isn’t just something that you need to express to your fellow human beings, that it extends to the whole rest of the world.” Said Carey.

“The world isn’t just for us humans, it’s for these animals and when you see what having a companion animal can do for people. It’s just amazing.”

Both Carey and Eggler’s efforts have made a positive and lasting impact on their co-workers.

“”I ask her some of the things she’s doing and I get tired from listening,” said Eggler’s IBM co-worker Cliff Schreier.

“She does so much for Paws and Claws. She adopts a family every year, her and a group of friends. They give a number of folks every year for Christmas a huge Christmas present setup. She does the ski swap. She does the breakfast on the farm. She’s just all over the place.”

Paws and Claws shelter manager Tanya Johnson echoed similar praise for Carey.

“Char is probably one of our longest volunteers. She has been here since almost probably day one, from the time paws and claws became paws and claws. She’s at every event. She donates to our events. She volunteers whenever you need her she’s there for you,” said Johnson.

For both Carey and Eggler, their service is anchored by a mission statement of protection and care for life’s most vulnerable.

According to Paws and Claws, the humane society boasts over 1300 adoptions per year while training over 200 volunteers per year.

More than 400 active volunteers prove more than 25,000 hours of service caring for animals, helping with adoptions and community education programs.

All volunteers are welcome at Paws and Claws for as much or little time that can be spared. For more on where to signup click here.

You can also catch Char or Pam every Tuesday at noon for their pet of the week segment on our sister station KTTC.

Jack Keenan

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