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Wrong number text exchange goes viral

WINFIELD, Mo. (KTTC) – A wrong number lead to an amusing text exchange between a police officer and someone who ended up wanting no part of the conversation.

A Winfield, Missouri police officer got the first text last Friday evening from someone asking if he wanted to go to a game. The officer quickly stated he thought the person who initiated the conversation had a wrong number. That person didn’t believe him at first, and eventually stated they had “got high together girl” in an apparent attempt to jog his memory.

text exchange with police officer

The officer responded several minutes later with a selfie featuring his badge and saying, “Pretty sure we didn’t get high together.”

text exchange with police officer

The person on the other end of the text exchange responded nearly an hour later after a few more messages from the officer with, “Wrong number.”

The department posted the whole exchange on its facebook page, lamenting about not being picked up for the game. The post has been liked or shared thousands of times at last check.


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