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Families enjoy beach party on Lake Pepin

Lake City, Minn. (FOX 47) – Organized by the Lake City Chamber of Commerce, the 2nd annual Float-A-Palooza allowed residents and visitors the chance to get out in Ohuta Park on a warm, summer day.

“So it actually was an idea our mayor and his late wife Kathy had last summer to have a big, fun community celebration focusing on community and our greatest asset, which is our lake,” said event coordinator Michelle Larson.

In addition to the music and food, families enjoyed a new activity for this year, a kid’s sand dig.

“We decided to create something in addition to the beach party in and of itself,” Larson said. “A great way for the kids to burn some energy, dig in the sand, find a token and every kid gets a toy, so they leave happy.”

Not only is Lake City a weekend getaway, but it has historical significance for being the birthplace of a popular lake activity.

“We are the birthplace of water skiing,” said Larson. “This location right here is where Ralph Samuelson went out on skis back in 1922.”

While there were not many water skiers out Saturday, those on the lake enjoyed other activities.

People bought lily pads, as part of a chamber of commerce fundraiser and took them out on the water. But the most fun was simply gathering together as a community.

“Do something different. I’ve seen several people that I haven’t seen in a long time already this weekend,” said Kasi Haglund, who brought the family out for a weekend on the lake. “Good time to get out and great weather.”

Alex Tejada

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