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Southland School District celebrates groundbreaking on expansion project

ADAMS, Minn. (FOX 47) – An historic day for the city of Adams, as they celebrated a groundbreaking at their current high school.

After approval of a referendum last year, Southland School District will be making their current building in Adams a K-12 school.

The students at Southland Elementary will be moving from an aging building in Rose Creek to the school in Adams which will be expanded and renovated.

The multimillion dollar project will add a new science department, a new gym, common areas, offices as well as a better heating and cooling system.

The renovation will not only improve the learning environment but the combination of the two schools will allow the school district to run more smoothly.

“Being able to share staff more effectively, with two sites there’s more duplication of efforts. We can eliminate some of that when we have one building,” said superintendent Scott Hall. “Our transportation will be coming to one spot instead of two. There’s going to be lot of things that are going to be more efficient.”

Southland started back school three weeks earlier to help the construction efforts, which are planned to be done in time for the next school year.

A separate project to renovate the school auditorium was not included in the referendum but is being paid for by community fundraising efforts.

Alex Tejada

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