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New space in Austin allows entrepreneurs to bring business dreams to life

AUSTIN, Minn. (FOX 47) – The city has recently embraced entrepreneurs and local businesses, but the costs of renting an entire building can be expensive.

Places like LAUNCH allow those costs to be shared among the members that use the co-working space. LAUNCH is run by the non-profit group Austin Community Growth Ventures.

LAUNCH opened back in May of last year offers business space along with a conference room and all the amenities a business might need such as WiFi and printers.

Today, they have four members and many more are interested. Whether it’s an accountant or a graphic novel publishing company, the co-working space has provided the perfect resource for those businesses to operate.

One of LAUNCH’s members says that the presence of big businesses in Austin can foster the growth of smaller businesses.

“I think a lot of it the fact that we have major employers between Mayo and Hormel and Riverland. There are a lot of trailing spouses that have their own businesses in addition to what their spouses are doing at their work,” said LAUNCH entrepreneur ecosystem builder Sean Williams. “All that opportunity is not being seen currently and that’s an opportunity we have to offer them.”

In addition to space to work, LAUNCH offers education such as the Start Up Factory program which helps new businesses grow.

Williams says that the more members the space gains, the more resources and business collaboration it creates for those involved.

They plan to partner with Austin Chamber of Commerce next month to host events after successfully hosting a small business round table in June with members of Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office.

Those interested can access LAUNCH on a daily basis if they simply just need a temporary place to work or on a membership basis where they can rent their own desk or office space. Those members get 24/7 access to their space.


Alex Tejada

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