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September Jefferson Awards: Victor Robinson of Century High School

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) — When the end of school bell rings at Century High School, the day is just beginning for Social Studies Teacher Victor Robinson.

He’s the patriarch of the school’s extracurricular activities — including Model United Nations and formerly, debate. During his current Mock Trial meetings, there are lots of laughs, and smiles — but that’s a given when you’re around him.

“He makes everyone smile,” said Andrew Cao, head of the Mock Trial team and the student who nominated Mr. Robinson.

That’s something Robinson has been doing for thirty years as an educator.

“He has taught hundreds of students in his career and he has met every single one with the same warmth, and compassion and the dedication to make sure that their high school career is the best as it could be possible,” said student and leader of Mock Trial Emily Haddon.

“Honored to be nominated, surprised to be chosen,” said Robinson. “These kids are great to work with. And every once in a while, someone says something nice — and that’s a good thing.”

Outside the doors of Century High School, Robinson volunteers every Sunday morning to give food out to the needy, and serves on the board of the Rochester Outreach Center.

But he says it’s the people around him who provide that encouragement.

“I’m surrounded by people who try and do great things, and I’m just trying to keep up,” said Robinson. “I enjoy my chance to be part of this community.”

But this isn’t anything new for him — he has been extremely involved since he was in high school.

“I was involved a lot,” said Robinson. “Yeah, and for me, the high school was half a block away from my home and it was the best place to be in the world. And I think for some kids, they feel that, too. This is a great place to meet great people. And Century is a great place.”

And his advice for all students…

“Find a way to be a leader. Find a way to make a difference in a positive way in your world. Always challenging kids to try to find out how they are going to make the world a better place.”

“He’s just a huge inspiration to everyone around him,” added Cao.

“He just gives off this aura of everything’s gonna be alright, I’m here to help, and nothing could possibly have a bad result,” said Haddon.

“So you just consistently try to be a positive influence in their life. I think that’s where I’d like to spend the rest of my life.”

Maddy Wierus

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