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‘Welcome to Bomba SZN’ the Twins Homer Hanky returns for the playoffs

WINONA, Minn. (FOX 47) — The Twins kick off their 2019 postseason run on Friday and the team officially has its playoff look. Reintroducing a piece of Twins lore, bringing back the iconic Homer Hanky for this years playoffs.

Target Field, Minneapolis

The Homer Hanky was introduced in the 1987 postseason, when the Twins went on to win their first World Series Title. The Hankies were brought back again for the 1991 championship run.

When the Twins take Target Field on Monday for their first home game of the postseason, fans will feel a little nostalgic, with those Homer Hankies waving around in the stands.

“I see people around the country who still have those two original Homer Hankies. Some of them have them framed and it’s become a real collector’s item,” said WinCraft Chairperson, Dick Pope.

WinCraft, Winona
The 2019 version of the Homer Hanky being produced at WinCraft in Winona.

The original Homer Hanky was white and manufactured in Winona at WinCraft. This year the Twins went back to WinCraft to recreate the hanky, but with a few updates.

The new version is more similar to a towel and it’s now red, because of an MLB rule called the “Homer Hanky Rule.”

“Some of the players complained about not being able to track a fly ball with all the hankies waving,” explained Pope.

While it’s a symbol of those historic championship years, it also recognizes a new era of Twins baseball, with the words “Welcome to Bomba SZN” emblazoned on the Homer Hanky.

WinCraft, Winona
The 2019 version of the Homer Hanky being produced at WinCraft in Winona.

A look designed for the team that broke the Major League record for homeruns in a single season, totaling 307 bombs and dubbing themselves the “Bomba Squad.”

The Twins unveiled this year’s hanky Thursday at Target Field, along with the Star Tribune, which helped make the original Homer Hanky popular.

“There’s been others who have tried to imitate it, but this is the single best symbol of postseason baseball in the entire sport,” said Twins Communications Manager, Matt Hodson.

WinCraft, Winona
The 2019 version of the Homer Hanky being produced at WinCraft in Winona.

Ever since the Thursday afternoon announcement, the Homer Hanky has been flying off the shelves like crazy, meaning extra hours for the WinCraft staff.

“It’s always nice to print something for the home team and be part of the home team. It also ties to the staff and the employees, they also have an integral part for it and it makes them feel good that they’re able to do something for one of their teams here. Everyone will be watching and everyone will be paying attention to it,” said Kevin Whetstone, WinCraft Towel Manufacturing Vice President.

This year’s version will be handed out to fans attending Twins home playoff games. It’s also being sold at metro area Cub Foods, but some locations are likely already sold out due to the popularity.

The Homer Hanky is also being sold for $3 on the Star Tribune’s website.

Holden Krusemark

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