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NOAA Winter Outlook & beautiful weekend

NOAA’s (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Climate Prediction Center has just released its “Winter Outlook” for precipitation and temperatures for December, January, and February. It doesn’t look the best for the upper Midwest and through the Ohio River Valley.

Precipitation Outlook:

The outlook suggests a greater chance of seeing a “wetter than normal” three-month timespan for the KTTC-viewing area. This does not necessarily mean we see more snowfall during this time. Snowfall is dependant on temperatures and snowfall totals can easily fluctuate with temperature changes.

The precipitation outlook is taking ALL PRECIPITATION into account and the outlook suggests a good chance of receiving greater than average precipitation December, January, and February.

Temperature Outlook: 

While most of the U.S could experience above-average temperatures this winter, NOAA’s outlook suggests around average conditions temperature-wise through February. Meaning we’ll have a mix of cold and mild conditions this winter.

What It All Means:

It really boils all down to this…it’ll be another typical Minnesota and northern Iowa winter. I’m not going out on a limb and suggesting we will see record-breaking snowfall and cold like we experienced last winter. We will have a mix of brutally cold/snowy days and some mild days from here and there.

For you snow lovers, the NOAA outlook could be a good sign. It could be a sign of more consistent type weather patterns this winter.

Weekend Forecast: 

Get ready for an absolutely beautiful weekend! Highs both Saturday and Sunday will be in the middle and lower 60s with mostly sunny skies Saturday and partly cloudy skies on Sunday. Isolated rain chance Saturday morning mainly before 9 a.m with clearing skies through the afternoon.

We stay dry and clear Sunday morning and most of Sunday afternoon. Clouds begin to build back into the forecast Sunday evening with rain chances heading towards Monday. Rain remains in the forecast Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week. Highs will fall into the lower 40s by next week.

Enjoy the 60s while they are here! Have a great week.

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Nick Jansen

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