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Rochester city leaders could soon decide to lower the speed limit

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) — Should most Rochester city streets see a speed limit reduction? That’s a possibility facing city council members following a change in state law that allows certain communities the chance to adjust speed limits if they want.

It was the topic of focus at Monday’s City Council study session meeting, held at Rochester Public Utilities headquarters.

Public Works officials explained the steps city leaders would have to take to make this a reality.

The speed limit on most residential and downtown streets is set at 30 mph, but there’s support for lowering that limit to 25 mph.

“We’ve got about 500 miles of roadway… and 350-400 miles I think would be more appropriate at 25 mph. We’re actually the only state in the region that still does 30 mph. It’s well understood to be less safe and we shouldn’t have to be the last ones to become safer,” said City Council Member, Michael Wojcik.

If the city doesn’t take action, the decision on speed limits would remain with the state commissioner of transportation. City leaders will dive back into the issue at next Monday night’s city council meeting.

Holden Krusemark

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