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Classmates show support for Rushford family following tragic house fire

RUSHFORD, Minn. (FOX47) -- Almost a week ago, the Cords family of six lost everything in a house fire. Three little girls and their father were taken to Regions Hospital: The Burn Center in St. Paul, for severe burns.

We recently reported on how the Rushford community is helping the family out through an account.

Rushford-Peterson students working hard on cards.

At the school on Wednesday, preschoolers, kindergartners and the 2nd grade class wrote signs and knotted ti-blankets. "We all hope you feel okay, we love you, we all miss you," read one card.

Rushford-Peterson Schools 2nd grade teacher Shannon Kooperud.

Shannon Kooperud is 7-year-old Ravyn Cords' 2nd grade teacher, and said it was another staff member's idea to create cards for the girls.

"We decided, 'why not do a big project with all three groups?' We chose unicorns because [Ravyn] loves unicorns," Kooperud said. "Ravyn is just a sweet girl, very friendly to everybody."

Rushford-Peterson Schools Kindergarten teacher Lacey Drinkall.

Lacey Drinkall, 4-year-old Teagan's kindergarten teacher describes her student as "A bubbly, bright little girl. She comes to school. She's always ready to learn."

Ravyn's classmates shocked their teacher Shannon Kooperud by what they asked when they found out what happened.

Kooperud said she found it inspiring that the first questions the students asked were about Ravyn's mom, Erin Cords, because she is expecting a child.

As the last knots were tightened, the Trojans hoped their efforts would bring comfort to the girls, letting them know their friends all the way in Rushford are thinking about them.

"Every time she snuggles up with it, she knows that we are thinking about her," Kooperud said.

Students holding up the ti-blanket they made.

"See you soon at school," the students said.

If you would like to help, here is the family's Facebook page.

Ubah Ali

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