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Rochester residents show desire to help kids deal with increasing amounts of anxiety

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) — An increasing number of people are becoming more aware of mental health issues, as it seems like there’s more and more stressors in our environment than ever before, which is leading to a lot of anxiety.

"Child Anxiety" event at Evangel United Methodist Church
People gather to hear from mental health professionals on how to best deal with the increasing amounts of anxiety in children.

When our busy lives start to take over, sometimes so do our anxieties. Evangel United Methodist Church held a “Child Anxiety” forum Wednesday night, hoping to make a difference in childhood anxiety.

The child anxiety event was labeled “From fear to freedom,” but as they talked about, it’s not always that easy for those experiencing anxiety.

Mental Health professionals dove into those issues Wednesday night, in front of a full house. Dr. Steve Lansing says people used to try and sweep things under the rug, with others compounding the problem by saying it’s just a choice to be anxious.

His fellow speakers continued those thoughts, saying it’s something that affects the brain more seriously.

“Really anxiety is a state of apprehension or a worry about something that’s a threat or something that we’re concerned about,” said Rochester Public Schools Counselor, Robin Alcala.

"Child Anxiety" event at Evangel United Methodist Church
Speakers at Wednesday night’s “Child Anxiety” event.

Anxiety disorders cause people to feel excessively frightened, distressed and uneasy during situations most others wouldn’t experience.

“So when we’re talking about kids, anxiety becomes a problem when it starts affecting one or more areas of a child’s life significantly,” continued Alcala.

These Mental health professionals say anxieties are on the rise for kids, especially when they get into their teenage years.

“This is something that’s real and in our community and in our kids’ lives and we need to try to help parents, as well as educators,” said event organizer, Clancy Craven.

Speakers at the event say social media plays a big part in children experiencing anxiety, because with the stroke of a key, things like bullying or personality conflicts can be out in front of the world.

Craven says they already have another event planned for January and she hopes to have more events like these scheduled for a few times a year.

Holden Krusemark

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