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A construction company is hard at work piecing together a basement free of charge

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Volunteers have been at work on this Giving Tuesday with Bear Creek Services.

Construction workers from Kraus-Anderson are volunteering at a group home for four women with developmental disabilities.

The home flooded a year ago, and required many repairs. Now that the home is safe from future water damage, drywall needs to be installed.

That's where Kraus-Anderson stepped up in a major way providing the installation free of charge. This particular installation would have costed between $3,000-$4,000.

Kraus-Anderson Director of Business Development Cyle Erie visited the home months before and agreed to lend a hand.

"Bear Creek Services of course provides a wonderful service for the Rochester community and so that's why there an organization that were proud to support," Erie said.

Both organizations have worked together before, and Bear Creek Services Marketing Director Brian Hale said this comes to him as no surprise as Rochester is a community that steps up.

"Well, we're a non-profit organization so our budgets are really challenged and this entire project would be about $40,000 if we had to pay out of pocket that's why these types of volunteer projects are really beneficial for us," Erie said.

The repairs at Westchester Manor comes as a big relief to the four woman who live there. And the living room space will eventually bring joy to other too, as it becomes a fun community room for all to enjoy.

Ubah Ali

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