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Plainview City Council declines to make a vote on Police Chief Tim Schneider

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Plainview Police Chief, Tim Schneider
Plainview Police Chief, Tim Schneider

PLAINVIEW, Minn. (FOX 47) -- Plainview City Council held a special meeting about the future of Police Chief Tim Schneider.

Plainview City Council Members

Thursday night's special meeting was expected to answer a lot of questions everyone in the community has had since Plainview Police Chief Tim Schneider was placed on paid leave back in September. However, the meeting answered relatively little.

The motion in front of city council members was a separation and release agreement between the City of Plainview and Tim Schneider.

But ultimately there was no decision made, because neither of the two present city council members, Don Kuschel or Dave Walkes, seconded the motion made by Mayor Chip Cuccio. The release agreement contents are not being disclosed at this time and officials say they won't be until after a vote has been made.

Plainview Mayor Chip Cuccio

Tim Schneider's wife delivered an emotional message at the beginning of the meeting.

"For 25 years of his life, this job and this community has come first, before his marriage, before his family, and before his own health. I felt the need to share with you all the amazing things this man has done for this city and its residents without ever giving it a second thought, because that deserves to be recognized. And I will continue to proudly stand beside this man who is fair, loyal, intelligent, funny and kind, and be proud of what he's done for this community," said MariClair Schneider.

As for when the next meeting will happen and a further explanation on what happened during Thursday night's meeting, Mayor Cuccio declined to comment.

Tim Schneider's wife, MariClair, delivers a message of support about her husband.

FOX 47 spoke to several people at the meeting and while all declined to speak on camera, they all voiced frustration over this process and how the city is handling it. During the meeting, many were very outspoken about their thoughts on how things should be handled.

Schneider has served on the Plainview Police Department for 25 years, the last 8 as Police Chief.

City Administrator Clarissa Hadler stated at the meeting that the separation and release agreement was drafted by the city attorney within the last week and notice was given to council members shortly after.

Holden Krusemark

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