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Lifting of daycare’s suspension leaves family with questions after infant’s death

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) - A family is mourning and pleading for answers after their four-month old son died in the care of a Rochester daycare. The Department of Human Services called for the daycare's suspension in July but that suspension was recently lifted.

"There's something misleading. There's something not right about the entire thing," said father Charles Clements. "Everything on the autopsy says he's 100 percent healthy, there's nothing wrong with him. So where is our kid? Why is he not here?"

At first, the Clements were hesitant about placing their four-month old son, Porter, in daycare. That was until they found the Mustafovics and Bambi's Daycare.

"They seemed great. Nice people, trusting, reliable," said Clements. "Someone we would trust to leave our son with because he's our world."

That all changed one July morning.

"The first thing that runs through your mind is no way, not my son. Not us. Not with Nana," said Clements.

Porter was found unresponsive and not breathing. He later died at the hospital. The cause of death was listed as accidental suffocation or sudden infant death syndrome.

"We just assumed it was Nana and Asim [watching him] because that's who we were paying to watch our son," said Clements.

However, according to a police report the family received, the Mustafovic's 13-year-old granddaughter was left in charge.

"Somebody needs to held responsible for some way, shape or form," Clements said. "It's neglect anyway that you split it."

The Clements believe that not only was the granddaughter not qualified to watch their son, but she was also not told of some important instructions.

"We feel like in our heart that he was swaddled," said Clements. "He was wrapped in some way and he rolled over and suffocated which should have been preventable. We told him he was rolling over, do not put him in a blanket."

Now with the daycare's suspension being removed, the Clements are telling other parents to be careful.

"So make your own decision from that," Clements said. "Look at our story and make your own decision whether you'd like your kids to be there."

The family is left to press on while waiting for answers.

"I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of good things," said Clements.

The Clements say they were also promised all of the rooms of the daycare were under camera surveillance but the investigation showed that only one was recording on the day of the incident, the front door camera.

We reached out to the Mustafovics but they declined to comment.

Alex Tejada

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