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Police: Suspect in October drive-by shooting in Rochester arrested

Aries Candler

Police said they located Aries Candler, 21, on Friday afternoon in the 1900 Block of 18 1/2 Avenue NW.

Police said Candler was wanted for an Oct. 26 riot at a gas station on Marion Drive and an Oct. 29 drive-by shooting on Turnberry Drive. No one was injured in the shooting.

According to court documents, a witness heard 6 to 7 gunshots. Two of the shots hit a white SUV, and three others hit the house where one of the victims lives, according to police.  One round entered a bedroom.

According to court documents, text messages on a witness's phone contained a picture of Candler wearing a similar outfit to the shooter. There is also a text message from Candler that was reportedly sent to the witness, admitting that he was the shooter.

According to court documents, the witness texted Candler, "Who shot at (Victim 1)?" A message from Candler's phone number responded, "I did, he tried to rape (Witness 2) and he is the reason she is in there."

Court documents say Candler indicated that he targeted the victim because the victim allegedly tried to sexually assault Witness 2.

According to the court documents, Victim 1 was interviewed about the sexual assault complaint and denied it, but reportedly did confirm that he was with Witness 2.

Court documents say surveillance footage from a nearby house also identified Candler as the shooter.

Police said Candler is facing multiple charges including attempted murder, assault and possessing a firearm as a felon.

Candler has a previous conviction of aggravated armed robbery.

Megan Zemple

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