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Local restaurants gear up for Saturday’s play off game

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47)-- There's no doubt folks will be tuned in across the state of Minnesota, and the nation, for Saturday's big game. The question is where they'll be watching from.

Wildwood Sports Bar and Grill is one of the many places in Rochester that are gearing up for the big play off game between the Vikings and 49ers. Employees expect a full house.

One way to keep the game fun -- win or lose -- is a special game day board. Each time a team scores, the special changes depending on the last digit of the score.

General Manager Jeremy Bolton says that there is just something special about watching a game at a bar.

"On Sundays we have all sorts of teams here. Chiefs fans, Dolphins, Packers, Lions, Vikings. It's cool everybody enjoys each other," Bolton said. "Especially here we get the same people here very week and they get to know each other -- its that community environment in here that is really cool."

Bolton says games typically bring out quite a crowd. He says he will never forget the atmosphere during the Minnesota Miracle.

For Vikings fan Craig Erestad, coming up to a bar is part of the fun. He says he's watched a number of Vikings fans at Wildwood.

"The last Viking game I was here it was packed and I got the very last seat at the bar and it was really loud, but they still have the TV volume cranked loud so you can hear the announcers," Erestad said. "But yes, its very exciting."

Bolton adds that seats will fill up quickly, so folks may need to plan ahead.

Catch the game on our sister station KTTC, Saturday. Kick off is at 3:35 p.m.

Beret Leone

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