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Developers wanted for downtown Riverfront Reimagine project

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -- The city of Rochester is looking to reimagine a piece of riverfront property in the downtown area and is looking for an innovative developer to do it. The goal of the Riverfront Reimagine project is to create a one-of-a-kind destination.

The two and a half acre parcel of land is located in the heart of downtown Rochester between 2nd street southeast and 4th street southeast, just off Broadway Avenue. That puts it in close proximity to the river, Mayo Clinic, the skyway system, as well as bike and pedestrian trails. Anyone with an idea on how to capitalize on all of that is welcome to submit a proposal.

"Ultimately the hope is that this project really will be a great anchor for this area, that it will serve a lot of different purposes," said Rochester Communications and Engagement Manager Jenna Bowman. "So ultimately it's hopefully finding a proposal that would achieve the greatest good with a variety of criteria that have been outlined within the statement of interest."

A parking ramp that's said to be nearing the end of it's useful life currently occupies the land. Whatever plan is decided on will include some sort of public parking space as well.

The site is the former location of the attempted Bloom Towers project that stalled in January of 2019.

All submissions are due to the city clerk's office by January 30th. If you're interested in participating, click here.

Sarah Gannon

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