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Rochester start-ups make the pitch for $3,000 grant

RDA Start-Up Event Grant Pitch Night audience

Rochester, Minn. (FOX 47) -- The Rochester Downtown Alliance (RDA) held its annual Start-Up Event Grant Pitch Night at Discovery Square Tuesday in a "Shark Tank" style competition. Nine events had five minutes to give its speeches on why it would be the best fit for $3,000 and how it would help the event. After that each event had four minutes to answer judges' questions. The new wrinkle this year, the audience also had a vote to hand out $500 to their favorite presentation.

Every event had the same goals in mind: affordable family fun that everyone can enjoy in the downtown area to help bring Rochester's charm back.

One judge William Forsman, who is the RDA Board Development Chair, talked about what they were looking for saying, "It's not only going to be how they improve the vibrancy for the downtown area, because these are downtown specific events, but also how are we creating these events so that they are more sustainable? So that way it's not just a one year event but that way we are projecting it so we can make it occur for multiple years."

Each event to be eligible for the grant must happen in the calendar year 2020.

Zach Fuller

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