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Crews continue to battle seasonal crow problem

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -- The part-time Rochester residents and full-time mess makers - crows are back roosting in the MedCity and in big numbers.

Parks and Recreation Operations Manager Michael Schaber says Rochester has had a seasonal crow problem for several years.

Parks and Recreation Operations Manager Michael Schaber.

"Sometimes you'll come to a smaller tree around here and there would be three to four hundred of them," Schaber said. "They're not trained to go to the bathroom in the right areas. So with all those crows comes a lot of mess."

So the million dollar question, how do you get rid of the crows? They have an entire team designated to shoo them away.

"At least two vehicles and up to four people each night from 3-11, driving around central business district looking for the crows and trying to keep them from roosting," Schaber said.

City crews go on crow patrol November to February with a variety of tools. "High powered lasers, a green light that kind of disrupts them and gets them to move for a little while," Schaber stated.

Even then, it proves to be not good enough. Parks and Recreation Landscape Technician John Munson knows a thing or two about that.

Parks and Recreation Landscape Technician John Munson.

"They adapt to everything, they adapt to everything year after year so we have to consistently change it up," Munson said. "There's just some nights where they're just not gonna move."

The crow problem is a continuing battle with no end in sight. "I don't see it being a problem where there's no more crows in Rochester," Schaber smirked.

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