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State troopers prepare to give out care packages to people in need


ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX47) -- Some of the Minnesota homeless population will soon receive some help because of the Department of of Public Safety's "Care on the Go" campaign.

In December, DPS launched the campaign asking for donations to fill gallon-sized Ziploc bags with much-needed items like soap, socks, toothbrushes and granola bars.

The donations are all now ready to be turned into kits and given out to people who state troopers encounter on the job.

Sgt. Troy Christianson of the Minnesota State Patrol said they have enough donations to fill at least 600 kits. He said that these basic necessities are often taken for granted by people but they can make a big difference to someone in a less fortunate situation.

State troopers plan to distribute the kits to people they encounter who are in need. There are enough kits for every trooper to have one in their squad car.

He said that they will see how this campaign goes and if there is a good response, similar projects will be implemented in the future.

Megan Zemple

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