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Arctic Air Moves in Tonight

What started as a quiet day quickly turned active this afternoon! Winds gusted over 20 mph, blowing the fluffy snow pack and falling snow across roadways. As of 5pm, some roadways were already partially to completely covered especially in more rural areas.

Arctic air moves in later tonight dropping our overnight temperatures well below zero! As it does, flash freezing could occur on roadways that are slushy or wet. Be aware of changing road conditions as temperatures cool down tonight.

There is a wind chill advisory for the entire region as well as a wind chill warning for the Mason City area. Both of these alerts will take effect at midnight and last until noon tomorrow. As strong winds continue tomorrow, wind chills could plummet to 20-35 degrees below zero!

Try to limit your time in these dangerous temperatures tomorrow, and be sure to protect your pets from the cold as well. Dress in layers and keep those hats, mittens and scarves handy if you do head outside. Be sure to keep skin covered as frostbite could occur in just ten minutes!

Tomorrow morning we'll wake up to temperatures that feel like 30 below and won't warm up too much from there. Most areas will see air temperatures staying below zero for the whole day.

The cold weather will stick with us for a bit, bringing our Thursday overnight low down to 17 below zero! On Friday we'll at least see above zero temperatures but will barely make it out of the single digits. We'll jump back to above average temperatures for the weekend with some light snow is expected on Saturday.

Amanda Morgan

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