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Remembering the blizzard of Feb. 2019

blizzard photo
Complete white out driving conditions during the Feb. 24, 2019 snow storm.
ron walking
Ron Blair takes advantage of Friday's weather with a walk on Douglas trail.
The sun made an appearance on Friday, prompting folks to get outside.

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -- It seems February is being pretty kind to us weather wise this year. On Friday, jackets were shed and the sun prompted folks to get out and enjoy it.

We haven't always been this fortunate -- who remembers Feb. 24th, 2019? You probably don't need the reminder of the massive winter storm that rocked much of the state; causing highway closings, no travel advisories and knocked snow totals into new heights.

"The only thing I remember last year, it was pretty cold out," Hunter Jamdon said. "Came out of the shower and then, boom, it just froze. Straight like a cat. The flow froze, it was done."

"No one could go anywhere," Liz Palmer said. "There was about eight of us sleeping over at a friends house, then played games all night and then the next day went out and played in the snow."

Now the same weekend in 2020, a different story.

"I love it," Ron Blair said, walking along the Douglas Trail. "I love the sunshine, the snow, walking in nature."

"I think its perfect," Jamdon said. "Perfect day out. Winds breezing, flows going."

Friday was a day to say "so long," to the big winter parka -- at least for now.

"There's always a big snowstorm," Palmer said. "So, its coming."

Snow or not, never underestimate the power of sunshine in late February -- and what it does for a midwesterner's heart.

"It feels like the warmth is returning, so I love that," Blair said. "Like spring is finally around the corner, so I love that...I do, I'm a believer in the groundhog."

Beret Leone

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