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Two Byron High School classes team up to start food truck business

BYRON, Minn. (FOX 47) -- Getting real hands-on experience, that's what some students are doing in Byron as they work together to build a business.

The advanced Family and Consumer Science (FACS) class and advanced business class are working together to open B-Town Bistro. It's an actual working food truck and is completely run by students; only getting help from teachers when needed.

"Third quarter we're pretty much coming up with a whole lot of stuff and then fourth quarter we'll be more out and about in the community, cooking, and running the food truck," said senior Tate Halgrimson.

The business and FACS classes work together, brainstorming ideas and learning how to run an effective business together.

"We kind of have an atmosphere within our team that any idea is a good idea," said senior Zachary Glasscock.

Culinary students are creating the recipes, cooking and testing the food until it's just right.

"So we have three menu options right away, the big one is the egg roll burger," said Halgrimson. "Next one is a pork bowl, which is pretty much is just mac and cheese with pulled pork on top. And another for sure one is jambalaya."

Meanwhile, business students are working on the finance, marketing, and sales side of things, along with managing the food truck's website and social media pages.

"Some of the things we've learned is time management, communication skills, and just being able to work together efficiently to get some of our goals done," said Glasscock.

The students hope to have the food truck up and running by mid to late April when the weather is warmer.

You can follow the students' progress on twitter and Instagram using the handle B-Town Bistro.

Sarah Gannon

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