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Cooler Temperatures on the Way

Snow chances tonight for southeastern Minnesota and northeastern Iowa have nearly completely vanished as the system veered far to the south earlier today. This detour threw off a lot of meteorologists in areas set in the original storm track, and led to many cancelled winter storm warnings.

I think it's possible to see a few stray flurries tonight into early tomorrow morning as the backside of the storm wraps around, but nowhere near as impressive as it was looking just a few days ago.

So far this season it seems like a majority of our snow chances have dipped south, limiting our large snowfall events. However, according to the Midwestern Regional Climate Center's (MRCC) winter index, most of southeastern Minnesota and northeastern Iowa have seen average winters. This index takes into account the severity and persistence of cold temperatures as well as snowfall and snow depth.

The MRCC predicts that Rochester's index number could reach the severe level by April 1. We'll see what the coming months have in store for us, but cold temperatures approaching this week could help us rack up some points.

We'll be cooler for Wednesday, but Wednesday night is when the cold really moves in. Thursday morning most places will be waking up to single digit temperatures!

Amanda Morgan

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