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More of the Same For the Rest of the Work Week

As the month comes to a close, lets take a look back at how we stacked up compared to average. In general, we stayed cooler than our average February with the help of a few extreme cold temperatures mid-month.

We broke multiple records during the month, all of them for cold temperatures! Probably the most memorable was that 24 below low that we saw in Rochester on Valentine's day, many other cities also broke their cold temperature record for the holiday.

We nearly doubled our February average snowfall of eight inches but this past week we've been staying dry aside from a few flurries this morning. Northwesterly winds will help us cool down tonight and we could see some single digit temperatures for Thursday morning.

More of the same on tap for Thursday and Friday before we warm back up for the weekend. It's possible that we could see some more 40 degree temperatures as we head into the first week of March with a chance for some mixed snow on Monday.

Amanda Morgan

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