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Stewartville parade brings smiles to students, community

STEWARTVILLE, Minn. (FOX 47) -- The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is putting a damper on many events, leaving many in a sour mood.

As we all struggle to find a new sense of normal these days, teachers at Bonner Elementary School in Stewartville wanted to bring some joy to their community. They decided a parade would be a good way to do that. Rolling through the town also happened to be a creative way for the teachers to see their students.

"We've been looking forward to it since yesterday when we the email came out," said parent Crystal McConnell. "Seeing all the teachers connect with the students and children, yeah it's so great."

"It's just been a great relief to the reality of news and government, it's been something to look forward to," said parent Michelle Holtan. "We got up this morning and made posters and talked about it and prepared for it all day."

As the parade snaked through the Stewartville neighborhoods, students held signs with heartfelt messages for their teachers.

"We love our teachers, especially Mr. Johnson," said Bonner Elementary 1st grader Carly Larson.

Those teachers had similar messages for the kids on their cars.

"I was really excited to see my teacher since I might not see her again," said Bonner Elementary 2nd Grader Eloise Knutson.

"It's pretty incredible in a way I guess, you don't think something like this would happen," said parent Mike Knutson. "It's really nice to have the school come through with the teachers waving at the kids, I know my kids miss them quite a bit so it's nice to see them come by and boost spirits a bit."

"This is so uplifting honestly," said Middle School Life Skills Teacher Casi Story. "I haven't been emotional about any of this so far and this makes me a little bit teary. Look at all the support and all the fun we can have, even if we can't have it in the classroom."

Like many of the other students, Eloise had an extra special message for her teacher. "I would say I miss you so much and I wish I could be here for a really long time."

Sarah Gannon

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