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FREE FOOD PANTRY: A Rochester woman is using what she has to help the community.

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -- With many businesses closed in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 people are trying to find ways to help others.

You've probably seen those, "Little Free Library" around town. The concept is pretty simple, take a book, and if you can, leave a book.

A Rochester woman is doing what she can to help the community by turning her 'Little Free Library' into a 'Little Free Pantry'.

Lindsey Snyder and her daughter Nevaeh standing next to their new pantry.

Last Spring, Lindsey Snyder's daughter and her girl scout troop installed the library, without ever knowing it would serve another monumental purpose one day.

Snyder got the idea from her friend Elaine Fiegel a week ago. Since then she's seeing people coming and going, utilizing the food and pantry.

Elaine Fiegel.

"Nobody should have to struggle to figure out how they're gonna put food on the table," Snyder said.

Fiegel added that during this time it's the little things that matter. "It's not about really changing the world even those little things. It's about the little things."

As Snyder does what she can, she wants to stress that together as a community we can get through the tough times.

"It's really cool to see people coming together and just helping each other out where they see the need," Snyder said. "With the world we are living in doesn't hurt to be extra kind.

If you would like to access the pantry or donate, the address is 431 Manor Ridge Drive NW Rochester, MN.

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