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Minnesota sues three major oil companies

MINNESOTA (FOX47) -- Minnesota is suing three large fossil fuel companies for more than decade long deception to the public.

Attorney General Keith Ellison says American Petroleum Institute, Exxon Mobil and Koch Industries have failed to fully inform the public what they know.

He says all three companies deliberately lied to the public about the dangers of burning fossil fuels which led to climate change.

That has not only caused damage to the environment but for farmers.

In Minnesota there are laws protecting consumers from fraud.

"We are here suing these three entities specifically because they designed, conducted, funded this campaign of deception then carried it out in in Minnesota in violation of the laws of Minnesota," Keith Ellison, Minnesota Attorney General said.

During the Wednesday news conference, Ellison pulled a Exxon internal document that acknowledged that climate change was in fact due to fossil fuels and that document was dated back in 1979.

"Our lawsuit shows and we will prove that they knew as early as the 1950s that carbon dioxide from fossil fuels was dramatically heating up the environment with potential catastrophic consequences year after year more and more research confirmed that very finding," he said.

Ellison is asking the courts to make those three companies create educational campaigns on climate change, and pay for the damage they've caused.

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