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Rochester man brings business to Apache Mall; following destroyed store in Mpls

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -- Its been a more than a month since protests spiraled in the twin cities following the death of George Floyd.

Along with those protests; riots and looting damaged many buildings in the Twin Cities.

A Rochester man's business was among those damaged, but he has returned to the Med City, refusing to let a setback stop him from promoting his brand.

Daniel Johnson and his team created Levels Clothing Brand and recording label, a foundation 7 years in the making.

"Behind the name, it's kind of a symbol of solidarity also. It's everybody on different levels and we end up being on the same level," Johnson said.

Johnson has his flagship store in St. Paul, and had one in Minneapolis on East Lake St. However, the Minneapolis location was burnt down.

"I didn't imagine that it would be burned down. It was just sad but we can't even mourn or grieve about that, because we are mourning and grieving about someone losing their life. Losing a business or business location is manute at a time like this. I am more focused on the change and hoping that everything wasn't done in vain," Johnson said.

Since June 26th, Levels Clothing is on sale at the Apache Mall Pop Up shop, located by the food court.

Peyton Chamley, a customer, visited the store two days in a row, while wearing his Levels white hoodie, he said he shops the brand to support the locally owned business.

"I heard about what happened in the cities with Levels burning down, and everything like that. So, I like to support everything like that and give back to what I can," Chamley said.

Johnson hopes to motivate others to always be resilient.

"To see us not fall down, and just get back up if we do fall. And so that's what we doing right now, we getting back up. The whole community knows that we lost a store and we showing them you know, that you keep going," he said.

Johnson is working on finding a permanent store location in Rochester, as well as trying to find another location in Minneapolis.

Levels Clothing will be at Apache Mall until July 2nd.

KaMaria Braye

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