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More muggy conditions on the way

Another hot and humid day for southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. Heat indices peaked in the low 90s to upper 80s making it a little cooler than yesterday but not by much.

Interestingly, Rochester has only reached 90 degrees two times so far this summer. Even though we average 11 days in the 90s, we only saw one day in 2019 and five days in 2017. It looks like we could be following a similar trend this season, but even hotter conditions are on the way this weekend.

Rochester could tack on another day in the 90s on Saturday, getting close to that on Friday and Sunday. Feel-like temperatures will continue to be in the low 90s for most of us, so sticky conditions will be continuing through the holiday weekend.

With all the extra moisture and heat making the atmosphere unstable, there's a chance for some isolated pop-up showers Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. No widespread rain is expected and any passing shower will be light and brief, I think most will end up staying dry.

Amanda Morgan

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