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Byron School Board announces back-to-school plan

BYRON, Minn. (FOX47) -- The Byron School Board announced its back to school plan Monday morning.

In a special meeting it was unanimously approved that elementary students will follow an in-person learning model, and secondary students will follow a hybrid model.

However, families can decided to keep their students home. But, they have until Aug. 16 to decide and fill out this form.

The seven board members acknowledged that it will not be easy, but worth it.

"We have a chance to return to something where we grow. I don't think it is wrong. I don't think that when we say K through five is going back full time. I don't think we are looking at normal. I think there is something new that's gonna grow and develop here," said Chris Schmit, Byron School Board Vice-Chair.

To watch the entire meeting, click here.

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