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Rochester residents feeling impact of nationwide appliance shortage

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) - It's not something you think about until you need it.

However, those in need of appliances are facing weeks of waiting times. The pandemic has closed many plants across the country and created supply issues in getting parts from other countries.

Appliance Village in Rochester feels the impact.

"You can tell just by looking at the sales floor here. We're missing probably 75 floor models that we just can't get," said Marc Van Sande, salesman at Appliance Village. "At one point in time, we'd have loaner refrigerators to keep their food cold while we found something. You just have to be creative and find different models to sell."

Van Sande says that fewer people have been eating at restaurants, increasing demand for refrigerators and freezers.

The store has been forced to sell many of the products in its warehouse due to the lack of inventory.

Alex Tejada

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