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USPS worker reacts to possible funding delay

(KTTC) -- The U.S. Postal Service is warning most of the country that if voters are choosing to vote by mail, their ballots may not arrive in time to get counted. According to the Washington Post, the alert was sent in a detailed letter to 46 states across the country; Minnesota and Iowa included on that list.

FOX 47 spoke with National Director of Support Services Stephen Brooks, who says the delay in funding from President Donald Trump directly impacts postal workers' ability to do their jobs.

A new postmaster general was appointed by the president in mid-June and has recently made drastic operational changes. Brooks says those changes have also caused delays in mail delivery and that post offices across the country have mail sitting on docks, waiting to be sent because of the changes.

"It will delay mail. The mail will go out on time no matter what. Postal employees are proud employees they are out there right now. This pandemic has proved that they are dedicated and there are service standards that the are used to meeting," Brooks said. "With this change mail will sit on the docks."

Although Minnesota's primary election seemed to go off without a hitch, Brooks fears that without the promised stimulus money, the November election could be a very different outcome. He believes the funding delay is intentional.

"You have a new postmaster general coming in with initiatives you are going to deteriorate that reputation of the postal service at a time when a national election is coming up," Brooks said. "At a time when we are fighting to get universal mail in ballot, it's the wrong time to make these operational changes. From my standpoint, I think its intentional."

Brooks says the postal workers take pride in their work and have shown dedication to delivering a service to the American people through out the pandemic. He encourages Americans to reach out to their local legislators to enact change. Brooks adds that if they don't receive the funding by the end of the year, the postal service could end.

USPS recommends casting your mail-in ballot at least one week prior to your state's election in order for election officials to receive it in a timely matter. For more information on how to cast your mail-in ballot, click here.

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