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TRUMP VS. BIDEN: Candidates make stops in North Start State

Trump and Biden

(FOX 47) -- Presidential candidates visited Minnesota Friday while preparing for a tight election in November. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump made stops in the northern part of the state to rally support.

Former vice president Joe Biden arrived in Duluth today before spending the day at a union center with carpenter apprentices. President Donald Trump spoke to supporters at the airport in Bemidji.

Just hours apart, the two could not have been more different in their topics of discussion. The biggest similarity in the two was their firm view that their rival is not capable of running the country.

"We must unite this country," Biden said. "It's the only way we can move forward. I believe the American people are ready for it."

Biden was critical of his opponents response to the pandemic.

"So many lives lost unnecessarily because the president is only worried about the stock market and his reelection," Biden said. "You're protecting your apprentices. He's not protecting America."

The former vice president promises to rebuild a stronger middle class.

"It's time to reward hard work in America, not wealth," the Democratic candidate said. "My infrastructure plan is going to revitalize American infrastructure so the future is made in America."

Over in Bemidji, President Trump compared his presidency with that of Obama and Biden.

"We're going to win Minnesota because they did nothing for Minnesota except close up that beautiful iron ore territory," Trump said. "Remember that? One day you didn't have your jobs. Then I came along and opened it."

The president was critical of destruction in the Twin Cities and promises law and order if re-elected. He warns that the nation will be more dangerous if Biden is elected.

"Every family in Minnesota needs to know about Sleepy Joe Biden's extreme plan to flood your state with an influx of refugees from Somalia and all over the planet," Trump said.

The president believes his close loss in the state in 2016 will not happen again come November.

"And then I see the fake polls. I just saw a poll here that said in Minnesota I'm down nine [percentage points]. I just don't think so," the president said.

As early voting begins Friday, both candidates reminding Minnesotans why they should vote.

"It's time to take back the country folks," Biden said. "It's going to start here today with voting in Minnesota."

"I'm your wall between the American dream and chaos," Trump warned.

Election officials say they mailed out 114,000 ballots Friday. They are encouraging people to vote from home as they anticipate a record number of early voters during the pandemic. Ballots will be mailed out to people who have already requested them.

Alex Tejada

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