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DON’T VEER FOR DEER: What to know about staying safe during peak season

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX47) -- It's the time of year where motorists are not the only ones on the road. We are in thick of the period where Minnesota sees a lot of deer-vehicle crashes. The state's large deer population is a safety hazard for drivers.

Minnesota State Patrol Sergeant Troy Christianson

Minnesota State Patrol Sgt. Troy Christianson said deer are more active during this time of year and especially during certain times of day.

"Early morning hours and also during the dusk that's when deer are more active possibly crossing the roadways," Christianson said.

While there's no way to completely ensure you won't hit a deer, there are ways to prepare yourself and deal with a collision if you come across one.

"When you have a car versus deer crash the most important thing is to just brace yourselves, hit the deer and pull off to the shoulder," Christianson said.

Wildlife officials warn if you see one, there may be more deer out there.

Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Annette Kyllo

"Also, realize if you see a deer cross the road ahead of you, that they do move in groups a lot. So just cause there's one that crosses there might be another one or third one," Annette Kyllo, Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer said.

Christianson said the most important thing to remember is: "don't veer for deer".

Swerving can lead to you losing control of your vehicle or go into oncoming traffic.

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