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Returning to seasonable temperatures soon

Southeast Minnesota and northeast Iowa have suffered through an unusually cold October this year. While temperatures should be in the mid-50s, we've seen highs not even exceeding 40 degrees for the past 10 days. That actually is a record in Rochester for the longest stretch of sub-40 degree days in October.

Thankfully, today we were able to bump temperatures up into the upper 40s to even low 50 for some of us! Now temperatures will be a little up and down for the next few days but we'll see a warming trend back to normal conditions by the weekend.

According to the Climate Prediction Center, we could even go above and beyond average temperatures as we head into the start of November. This would put temperatures in the mid to upper 50 range.

We'll continue with quiet conditions and sunny skies for the next 7 days, with winds getting a bit breezy this weekend.

Hurricane Zeta will make landfall this evening as a category 2 hurricane, with sustained winds of 110 mph (1 mph away from a category 3). Storm surges up to 9 feet are possible along the Mississippi and eastern Louisiana coast. Though the storm is moving quite quickly, it will still bring over 5 inches of rainfall for some areas of the south.

Amanda Morgan

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