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Breezy conditions continue for the next few days

It was a blustery day outside today with sustained winds from 20-30 mph, and gusts over 40 mph! This is pretty typical for fall in the Midwest, and November is actually our second windiest month of the year.

Expect breezy winds through tonight and tomorrow, before our current weather set up starts to push eastward. We have low pressure set up to our west and high pressure to our east; the combination of their rotations acts to amplify southerly flow into the region. So even though it's windy, we have those winds to thank for warmer temperatures.

Highs will be in the 50s once again tomorrow, a few low 60s are even possible further south! Watch temperatures begin to decline as winds become calmer for the weekend. Highs will return to the low 40s for Saturday and Sunday.

Our 7-day is looking pretty quiet, a minor chance for some rain/snow mix on Sunday morning and possibly another chance next Tuesday. Enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures tomorrow and Friday, we'll see cooler temperatures in the following days.

Amanda Morgan

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