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‘This crime is absolutely chilling’: Judge sentences Rochester man for 2019 shooting

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX47) — A man has been sentenced to more than 12 years in prison for a southeast Rochester shooting that left a man paralyzed from the neck down.

Iman Iman, 27, was sentenced over Zoom on Monday morning for shooting Said Shire in August of 2019 at the Meadow Park Apartments complex.

In addition to that sentence, Iman was given a concurrent five-year sentence for a drive-by shooting in April of 2019, where he shot and injured two people on Oxford Lane NW.

Judge Joseph F. Chase approved a plea deal that prosecutors made with Iman in October. He said the sentence is “not an insignificant one,” although he understands why Shire and his family are upset.

“If I were a member of his family, I would probably look at it the same way they do,” Chase said. He went on to say, “the picture one gets of this crime is absolutely chilling.”

Still, Chase said he is imposing the maximum sentence he can under the circumstances. He said it would be rare for a court to reject a plea deal “really under any circumstances.”

Shire, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds, survived the shooting but needs 24/7 nursing care. Shire’s family started a petition for the judge to deny the plea deal.

“He tried to take my life and he needs to be held fully accountable for his actions,” Shire said of Iman on Monday. “This man is a menace to society.”

“All of those shots were execution-style shots,” Shire said. “He wanted me to die. He was trying to kill me.”

Shire said he went through multiple emergency surgeries, was placed on a ventilator and was in a medically-induced coma. He has had more than 10 hospital stays, spending months in the hospital and the ICU. He also lost his eye.

“Before the shooting, I was an extremely healthy 24-year-old who had dreams,” Shire said.

Shire said Iman and another man charged in the case, Abdirahman Abdullahi, kept shooting at him despite his cries for help. Shire said he was shot in the head, eye, spinal cord and multiple times in the chest and leg.

Joseph Rosholt, representing the Olmsted County Attorney’s Office, said “this was a brutal offense bringing about lifelong consequences, committed by a defendant who presents a clear and severe risk to public safety.”

Shire said on Monday that when he heard about the plea deal, it only added “insult to injury.” He urged Judge Chase to reconsider it, to “help him get justice and feel safe,” as well as ensuring the safety of the community.

Chase said he wanted to hear from prosecutors about their reasoning to pursue a plea deal. He said he wanted it on the open record “so the community understands it as well.”

The state recommended a sentence of 146 months. Rosholt said that at the time of the plea deal, there was risk in having Shire testify at a potential trial.

“Given the struggles Mr. Shire faces in his health, the state had to consider the real possibility that Mr. Shire might not be able to present real-time testimony during the trial,” Rosholt said. “The state had to evaluate the case, taking into account the risk of a significant piece of evidence not coming in.”

Rosholt said the deal required Iman to plead guilty to two other felony offenses from the April shooting, in addition to a first-degree assault charge for the August shooting.

Rosholt said the state reached a deal that would give Iman four-and-a-half criminal history points. He called it a “reasonable and positive plea agreement in these cases.”

He laid out the risk the state would be taking in any trial in stark terms. “If the case is not proven, the state winds up with a sentence of zero months,” Rosholt said.

During the sentencing hearing, Iman said he thinks about Shire daily and prays for his recovery.

“I hope someday Mr. Shire and his family can forgive me,” Iman said.

Attorney Jim McGeeney, representing Iman, requested a sentence of 122 months, a little more than 10 years in prison. He said Iman did not have any violent offenses before these shootings occurred. McGeeney said that Iman has been “accepted responsibility for what happened” and “indicated his remorse to the court for Mr. Shire’s situation.”

Byron Tollefson

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