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Additional snow showers possible tonight

Heavy snow moved through the region yesterday afternoon and evening, and even though some dry air-limited snow totals in a few areas, many still saw moderate totals. As expected, areas along I-35 and to the north of I-90 saw the highest accumulations, Ellendale reported 8.2" by Friday morning. Most of northeast Iowa saw less than 4 inches.

We still could see a bit of snow overnight tonight as that system continues moving southward. The wrap-around of the system will bring in a bit more moisture tonight, giving the chance for some mixing and light flurries. Accumulations should be slim to none, less than a half-inch across the region.

Flurries will linger into early Saturday morning but should be wrapped up by the time you wake up. The clouds will stick around through the day with breezy winds of 10-15 mph out of the north, high temperatures will top out around 30 degrees.

Mainly cloudy skies for Sunday as well, but we could sneak in a few peeks of sunshine in the afternoon. Temperatures will be cooler and closer to our seasonal average. More average-feeling temps will stick around through the rest of the next week, as will the cloud cover. We'll start to see a bit more sunshine towards the end of the week.

Amanda Morgan

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